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Vieplus Limited consists of 4 major divisions of business; the Culinary School, Culinary Services, Kitchen Design, and the W360 Project.

  • Culinary School is located in the heart of Kano City, Nigeria. A place where individuals looking to create a career in the culinary space or who simply love to cook come to learn.
  • Kitchen Design cares for the designing, remodeling, and creation of cooking spaces for personal and commercial use.
  • Culinary services consist of home cooking for families and large-scale catering for events.
  • W360 Project provides complete wellness education and wealth creation for wellness enthusiasts.

Creating true wellness in our community.

Our Awesome Team

A Doctor in Naturopathic Medicine. A nutritional counselor and lecturer.

Dr. Bera Dordoni


A Doctor in Naturopathic Medicine. A nutritional coach, lecturer and chef.

Dr. Ime Edet

Vice President

A Certified Nurse and Midwife. A Health Educator with a Ph.D. in Public Health.

Dr. Amina Yahaya

Vice President


Physical wellness promotes proper care of our bodies for optimal health and functioning. Financial wellness refers to a person’s overall financial health and the absence of money-related stress. Our purpose is to enhance your physical and financial wellness through a holistic approach using W360 Project.

  • Physical Wellness 90% 90%
  • Financial Wellness 80% 80%
  • Social Wellness 70% 70%
Healthy Family