Vieplus Academy

Certified Wellness & Life Coach

You will gain excellent wellness and life coaching skills to start and run your wellness & life coaching practice. Get certified and open doors to great opportunities in the health and wellness industry. Completing this course will give you an edge, and greatly enhance your employability and career prospects. The course runs for 20 weeks. You will be certified as Wellness & Life Coach.

1. Anti-Anxiety Formula
2. Body Weight Training
3. Brain Health
4. Emotional Intelligence
5. Eating Healthy
6. Entrepreneurship
7. Fitness for Women
8. Ketogenic Diet
9. Healthy Heart Remedy
10. Juicing For Vitality
11. Leadership
12. Omega 3 Health Benefits
13. Peak Productivity
14. Reverse Aging
15. Self Discipline
16. Sleep Therapy
17. Smoothie Cleanse
18. Stress Management
19. Stronger & Fitter
20. Yoga for Health

Course Fee: ₦100,00